Baylea + Cam

We have never met a more lively and fun couple as these two! Baylea and her fiancé had us laughing from the beginning of their engagement session. We got to hang out with them at the marina on Cam’s sailboat, which was a blast! We originally were going to be out on the sailboat, but the wind that day meant we would stay docked. I wasn’t too upset about it, as all of my experiences on the open water ended with me green as seaweed, LOL. Although, if the chance comes up again you can bet that Kendra will be force feeding me motion sickness pills, because sisterly love and all that. Our next stop was in and around the beautiful water gardens of Corpus Christi. The flowers and fountain were a perfect backdrop for the second part of their session.

Every session is unique; different people, relationships, places and reasons. The one thing that is the same, is the love Kendra and I get to witness and feel from all of our clients. Be it families, siblings, couples or just two friends. That emotion is so strong and I feel this incredible awe at getting to capture it for others. Cam and Baylea were certainly no exception to that. Their love for each other was seen in every smile and gesture. It isn’t often you see two people so comfortable in their love for each other that they forget there are two cameras clicking away around them. It was contagious and we already know we are going to be in tears when we get to capture their wedding day.

We absolutely adore both of you and we hope you enjoyed your engagement session as much as we did! <33

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