Daisy Reid


My day started at 4:30am as I began my travel down to the bay for Daisy’s sunrise session on the jetti’s. My first impression was “wow, she’s gorgeous!” My caffeine fix hadn’t quite kicked in yet, and I’m pretty sure I had forgotten to brush my hair. :/  We were quickly laughing and getting to know each other. I was in love with the sun rising on the oceans horizon and Daisy’s hair blowing in the light breeze with her dress falling down her figure. It was a photographic dream for me.

After we wrapped up the first half of her session I follow Daisy and her mother to their house so they could show me around Port Aransas and check out her wedding venue. I was not expecting to be cruising in a golf cart, but it was such a fun way to see the town. We stopped at this cute little restaurant for brunch, at least that’s what I’m calling it because Daisy does brunch with her fiancé, and I don’t, and I’m jealous like that. 😉 Talk about the best cappuccino and eggs Benedict ever <33

I loved getting to spend a few more hours with Daisy and her mother and really getting to know her and hear about her fiancé, Ben. It felt so much more like a friendship than a photographer-client dynamic.

After we were done, I went off on my own to browse some shops around the town. There was the most intriguing antique shop with shipwreck treasures and 17-18th century personal affects of people long past. I couldn’t resist buying a few Christmas presents while I was there!

As the day winded down and time got closer to our evening half of the session, I headed over to the spot we chose earlier in the day. It was the nature preserve at Charlie’s Pasture. A gorgeous plain of rolling hills and tall grass with inlets where the ocean would come in at high tide. This second half was no different than the first. She was gorgeous with her hair now in a beautiful bun. Her laughter and humor were contagious, and of course some of that was probably at my expense considering I couldn’t help hopping in the thick grass to get the right angle. When I asked Daisy to join me in the grass, I could have died from the look I got… lol but she did, and that picture ended up being the one we chose to showcase at her reception. 🙂  Thank you so much for trusting me, girl! Exctied to get your wedding day blog up soon.


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