Generation Outdoors


When Jim Teal, a very close family friend called me to see if I would like to take photos for a group’s cooking class, I jumped all over it before I even knew what it was all about. Anything Jim Teal is a part of is always a lot of fun and truly awesome! I came to discover that the group goes by Generation Outdoors and is the mentorship arm of Majesty Outdoors, which focuses on helping to create future Christian Leaders through outdoor activities. This time, they were able to have Catherine Richey, a personal chef who runs Lavish Cuisine, along with Chef Raphael who are both out of San Antonio, TX, to come down to Tildon to teach a cooking class to the kids in this group. As soon as I arrived I was having fun getting to know this group of people, they were all very welcoming and quick to joke around with me. ( Yes guys, I am 23 years old; I know I am very short lol). The kids were excited to get started and everyone there learned some pretty cool cooking techniques and recipes.

The menu consisted of: smokehouse burger quesadillas, three cheese quesadillas, grilled veggie packets, grilled french dressing chicken and bacon kebabs, stovetop macaroni and cheese, and grilled fruit and angel food kebabs.

They made sure to make enough food for everyone there, including myself. I probably gained 20 lbs. to be honest, and without one ounce of regret!  I can say it was truly amazing to be spend an evening with this group of awesome people and christians. We cannot wait for the next call to come in and the chance to be a part of another one of their events!


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