Simple Cake Smash | Mickey Mouse Birthday

So, my little man is turning the big O N E in a a little over a week. We are starting the process of building a new studio AND we just moved out of our house and in with my mom (yes, all four of us… yes, I’m 30) while we build our dream home.

LOL Needless to say, we’ve been a little busy and my “Type A” self is going crazy 90% of the time right now. HOWEVER, I wasn’t about to miss out on a quick and easy cake smash for my baby boy!

Jacoby LOVES Mickey Mouse.
I had one of our great friends, the owner of The Knotty Mommy Co., make a shirt for him, and an amazing client, Haley Fox, make his cake.  I spent 15 minutes at party city (with the help of my kids) picking up a few balloons, a helium tank, a $4 plastic cake stand, a $9 pink Shimmer & Shine hair clip that Jade HAD to have, a table cover for him to sit on, and of course, his bff, Mickey Mouse.

My mom has a big red front door and vualá… a quick and easy cake smash that I will treasure forever. 🙂

Pro Tip 1: I ordered his shirt a tad big so he could wear it all year vs. one and done.
Pro Tip 2: OxiClean got ALL of the red out of his shirt! It also go it out of my shirt, my blonde hair, my mom’s bathroom rug, AND his daddy’s blue jean pants. 😉 lol

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